Wednesday, October 20, 2010

First look at the PORTAL!!!

This week was pretty eventful in "Intersect" land.

The Portal - Practical Set Piece
Just yesterday, we got an email from our friends at Art In Metal saying the initial framework for the portal is done! They included the photos above.

3D Portal Sketch
Luke and Gus, looking up... like a boss.
The portal... that giant metal arch there... will eventually be adorned with lots of copper wire, various tubes, glowing blue light, and other sciency goodness. I will post more glamour shots of the portal once it's installed in the lab next week... along with the wheelie robots that attend to it. All of which will be housed in a giant triangle-shaped room, referred to lovingly as "The Event Chamber". (More info on that soon)
Very quick lighting test

Over the weekend we replaced all the boring florescent lights in the laboratory set with a bunch of giant, neato, industrial dome lights. Check out this sweet time-lapse video of our hard work!

We hung the first big chunk of lights for the main lab area, and we're waiting for the event chamber and portal to be installed before we hang the rest.

Luke chews Charleston Chew
We're assembling our CG team now, and thinking about getting some actors to fill the roles in the script. Stay tuned to find out if we do!

-Luke (D.P.)

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