Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A celebration, a protest, and a bomb scare...

Abe Ruthless... just a man, with a beard... and a sign
Welcome back loyal listeners! Phase 2 of this giant Intersect project kicked off this past week... and we knocked out the first 3 days of our remaining 24-day shoot.

Check out a little wrap up VIDEO:::

Miskatonic University
All 3 days took place on Arizona State University campus. We were able to get some amazing footage thanks to the use of the brilliant architecture, and to Keith Jennings and all of the ASU staff that worked with us on the shoot, and a very special thank you to all the background artists who gave us hours and hours of their time over the weekend for nothing! You guys were awesome!

Being out of our cold, safe laboratory was an interesting change for our crew. The outdoors provided a new set of challenges for us, not the least of which being the intense Arizona sun! But we pushed through... and a lot of new film making gear was also debuted, including my personal favorite, the Steadicam!

I'm going to keep this post fairly short, there is a lot of work to be done for this week's shooting schedule... I'll let the photos and video do the talking.

Oh yeah... PS... we have some ridiculously exciting news... for the next post!

Watch this SPACE!! (Oh... you'll see why that's funny soon enough!)

-Luke (D.P)

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