Monday, December 13, 2010

Shooting days 7 - 11.

What a sticky mess this was! An experiment gone wrong. But what happened? Exactly! You'll have to wait for the movie! But you won't have to wait for a video... I'm not cruel. More behind-the-scenes footage with more Fit For Rivals tunes! Enjoy!


This week was an exciting blur of crime scene footage, gallons of blood, mouse testing, and light saber dueling... off camera of course. Jason holds the title of Jedi, but Leeann is a saber-wielding padawan with an eye on the prize. I hear an on-camera battle coming up!

Garrett "Garrett Boyd" Boyd, mouse charmer.

You know, a blog post with some cool photos and fun videos is great and all... but what about the footage man? I'm glad you asked... because the footage is looking amazing! Every day we wrap, we always are amazed with what we got that day. Inevitably, there is one crazy, overly-technical shot... or some camera trick that takes a few hours... but once we've got it in the can, we all get excited again.

Abe Ruthless, the man, the myth.

Intersect P.D. (left to right)
Wes Cleveland
Frank Aaron
Dennis Moore
This looks pretty serious, I wonder what's going on.
This week we start plowing through the footage and make sure we're staying on schedule with our shot list. Our set does have an expiration date, so we need to crack on and make sure we don't miss anything important. There is no going back once we strike the set. What a sad couple of weeks that will be. This lab has become just like a cold, grey building full of metal and machines to me.

Getting blood out of electrical connections is the worst. They'll never work the same again.
Just a handful of shooting days left in the lab now. We've crammed a lot of hard work into a concentrated squeeze packet of awesome sauce. Which of course goes on top of the movie pancakes. But that part is obvious.

Uncle Sam is always watching.

Check back soon!

-Luke (D.P.)


  1. Did you know that there are 5 liters of blood in the human body? It appears that all 5 of them ended up on your set. Or - was it a human body? Duhn - duhn - DUNH!

    Can't wait to see the movie!

  2. Wow, it's looking good, guys! And may I just say, I appreciate the tips Gus provided for getting fake coagulated blood off your movie sets. I was always having such a hard time with that!



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