Monday, December 6, 2010

6 days of shooting, in the can.

As of today, we've blown through 6 days of our planned 18-day shoot inside of the lab set. (That's 1/3 for you folks following at home) Barring any more major setbacks, or days for reshoots, we're basically on schedule.

How about a video, right up front like? It's just below... click play to watch.

So what did we do in 6 days? We roped in a hoard of background artists... or "extras"... dressed up our cold lab set with some warm glowing light from a bunch of hanging orbs, and had a party to unveil the worlds first time travel machine. Dean Foster from Miskatonic University led the festivities... our now fully grown whiz kids ran a demonstration of the portal they designed, while Larry Fincher of Science Journal America and other members of the press watched.
Slade Hall as Larry Fincher.

But what would a movie be without someone messing up the whole shooting match? Some crazed nutbag broke into the lab after hours, strapped a bomb-vest to himself, and went nuts. Oh, what a world.

Jose Rosete and his giant man fist.

All in all, it's been a productive week and a half. Chock full of window cleaning, chamber dismantling, and awkwardly uncomfortable camera shots.

Matt Sheick and Lyle London from Art In Metal, on set helping with a tricky shot.
Said tricky shot... the dolly needed some extra room out the back of the Event Chamber.
By the end of it all, we we're all charged by the great footage we got. We ended everyday saying "we got some amazing stuff today." Many thanks to all the great people who suffered the long hours, traded in their weekend to be told where to stand and when to talk, and stayed to help us get the shots we needed!!

Gus and one pile of extras.
Genesis. The first working time machine.
For the party scene we needed to create a set of relics. The very first portal built by Dr Ryan Winrich and his friends Dr Nate Beaumont and Dr Caitlin Webb... as well as a jar of marbles (the symbolic "first objects sent through time"), and Dr Winrich's early notebook... complete with illegible scribblings and unattractive sketches.

My rectched handwriting and doodles. Made slightly more retched for film purposes.
Ashlyn Melancon, makeup extraordinaire.
What happens THIS week you ask? Well, I'll tell you this much... it will be amazing. You will have to check back in for an update. See that... a hook.

Jason and Gus were very proud of this Miskatonic seal... sadly it will barely be in the final film.
Leeann Dearing, Abe Ruthless, and Jason Spisak
Stay chesty out there... all day!

-Luke (D.P)

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