Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Event Chamber and Portal update

Just a brief update... it's been over a week.

Set construction is still plowing forward. Matt from Art In Metal has installed two of the giant "blast proof" windows inside the Chamber walls. They still have the protective plastic on them, but the shape and the framing are just brilliant! Every time a new piece is introduced to the set we are blown away all over again.

Gus wiring the Portal
The Portal has also seen some new additions... mass amounts of wire and tubing have been laced through the rungs of the arch, giving it a very purposeful, science-y look and feel. The glowing blue EL wire gives the Portal that little something special and shiny. I do believe we have something nifty on our hands.

All that science-y goodness!
All that nougat-y goodness!
What film is complete without the obligatory Barqs and Charleston Chew Minis craft services table? Frankly, I wouldn't work on a film without them. "Charleston Chew, America's Chew."

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