Monday, November 8, 2010

The Event Chamber

Our laboratory is really coming together now! Over the past seven days we watched a giant, grey, empty warehouse transform into a movie set. Lead designer Matt Scheick and the folks at Art In Metal began construction on the truly massive Event Chamber last week. By the weekend, we saw it finally stand up on it's own.

Witness the glory of a week's worth of hard construction in the ageless format of time-lapse:

The Event Chamber as seen though the eye of The RED
Gus, The Event Chamber, and The RED

The Event Chamber, which has been capitalized for it's iconic contribution to the film (much like the Millennium Falcon or Johnny 5), will actually appear to become a character itself in this story. This giant, obtrusive structure was created to house the world's first time-machine, as well as harness and contain it's tremendous power.

All praise to the Chamber!

Matt Scheick from Art In Metal

Though the Chamber is still in the building phase, myself and the rest of the team felt the current incarnation was such a stunning achievement, that we had to share it. Building will continue all this week as the Art In Metal team install a ceiling, cut out two large windows, and hang the huge sliding doors. Once the entire thing is built and touched up, the Portal will be delivered to the set and placed on it's rotating turn table. At which time, the Chamber will be near complete. Save for a few aesthetic adornments and a couple of controller robots.

The end of a long week's weekend

One of these is a light. One of these is a Brad. The game has begun.

All in all, the film is humming right along. As we continue to progress with the film, we will try to post more often, and incorporate more video... because, let's be honest, who likes reading anyways? Check out the clip below... just a little footage from around the lab set... behind-the-scenes... construction. Good stuff. Bonus features. Enjoy.

Video footage by Steve Esparza (Steadicam and handheld) and Luke Holwerda.

Steve Esparza
Real science.

-Luke (D.P.)

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