Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Principal photography begins!

Remember remember, the 27th of November. Saturday was day 01 of shooting on "Intersect". After a mad dash of final preparation and cleaning, the laboratory set was finally ready for filming.

Windows were cleaned, the portal was wired, and software was installed into the robots. It had all finally come together. Months of sweaty preproduction and planning was mopped up and squeegeed into the first concentrated drop of the movie.

2 legit 2 quit

Saturday morning, 8am was the official first call time. Everyone was charged to be on set. The cast and crew funneled in, and the old warehouse was finally transformed into the high-tech temporal sciences laboratory at Miskatonic University.

Meet the cast (Left to Right):
Kate Kugler as Dr Claudia Pilkington
Abe Ruthless as Dr Nathan Beaumont
Jason Spisak as Dr Ryan Winrich
Leeann Dearing as Dr Caitlin Webb
Garrett Boyd as Dr Geoffrey Lucas

As the actors were running their lines and the crew was setting up the scene, we heard a very loud grinding sound coming from next door. After a few minutes of it, we went to investigate. Apparently the vacant warehouse to the east of us (attached) was being renovated for a tenant to move in. There was a single dude running a floor scraper inside a 3000+ square foot room. The plan was to tear up all the floor. At the rate the guy was working, it would have taken him 2 weeks to get it all done. Seven members of our crew and family volunteered to go next door and help him knock it out so we could film. It took till 4pm.

Luckily, during our down time we had a number of lavaliere mic issues to iron out. So we spent that time working on sound and rehearsing the scene. A lot of time was lost, but in the end, we got things smoothed out.

By Sunday, our second day of shooting, we were a fairly well-oiled machine. Our actors totally rocked the script, the set looked incredible on camera, and we got some amazing footage.

Tomorrow, Wednesday, is day 3 of shooting. I hope to keep the blog posts rolling! Another video clip too! Stay tuned!

-Luke (D.P.)

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