Thursday, October 4, 2018

Intersect Portal Roadtrip

It's a good thing time is just a human construct, because you could be tricked into thinking we've been working on this movie for years and years... but actually, especially from the standpoint of the history of our planet (earth), we just barely got started.


So, welcome back! Let's go on a little trip. We've packed up our time machine and hit the road so we could introduce it to a sampling of different environments. We even pointed a camera at it while we were out. Maybe it will end up helping us promote the movie in some way.

First step, crank up the jams. We stuck to tradition and went with Fit For Rivals, full f*cking blast. We dragged the portal out of retirement and gave it a wipe down... it was hidden under a tarp, constantly battered by the unforgiving Arizona weather, including what appeared to be a few lightning strikes. We found the 120ΒΊ temperatures to be the perfect setting for a scene in the snow. And who's gonna know we WEREN'T in the actual snow, am I right?

We eventually threw the portal on a trailer and showed it what the woods and streams are like up in the Tonto National Forest of Northern Arizona. We clambered up the scorching sand dunes of Tatooine Yuma, lugging the portal behind us, before attempting to roll it back down and the end of an exhausting day. And finally, we all had a day out on dog beach in Del Mar, California, until the tide started pulling the portal out to sea.

We returned home, necks burnt and shoes full of sand, confident that we had shown the portal a rewarding couple of days.

Coming soon - What the hell else have we been doing on this movie!?

-Luke (D.P.) ((I'm the goober on the left))

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