Saturday, January 8, 2011

Filming in the lab, complete!

This week saw the last days of filming on the Intersect laboratory set. Let's celebrate with another behind-the-scenes video! Yes? Look below...


Turn your old, discarded jewelry into cash now!
Don't you just wonder what was so funny and interesting?
Blog updates stopped for a while... over the past few weeks we had been shooting lots of the automated robots zipping around the Event Chamber, the Portal turning on and off, doors opening and closing... sort of "2nd unit" stuff with no actors... so I didn't see the need for an update. But we just finished the last scene inside the Event Chamber with Jason and Leeann, so it's blog time!

Leeann Dearing and Ashlyn Melancon

"Trust me guys, this is how people will stand in the future."
The 2nd unit filming wasn't as bad as I might have made it sound. There was actually quite a lot of interesting things we did. Like pouring giant trash can loads of blood all over the Chamber and melting prop mice with a lighter. Oh, memories for a rainy day.

Killed with a thought.
No one else saw it... but this blood spill was the spitting image of my dog, Dr Poncho Diaz.

After all our clean, sterile lab shots were committed to film we started the process of destroying it. Yes, you remember the giant feller in the bomb vest... did he ever get around to doing what he set out to do? We'll make that the cliffhanger. Sure, look at the photo below, but you'll have to see the movie for the real answer. Science fiction... after all... is fiction. Fake. Lies. Twists. Things could be misinterpreted, or skewed... even a the blog of a mad DP. Mad as in mental, not angry.

Luke (R) with Matt Sheick (L)... the Portal builder has become the Portal destroyer.
Post portal destruction
In one interpretation of the movie... uh hum... our lead girl, Caitlin met a dirty end. Our makeup artist Ashlyn Melancon dove in to the job of roasting Leeann's face. Check out the amazing work.

Leaving the set on the last day of shooting was bittersweet. Boy, that'd be great to say... and right sappy. Really, leaving on the last day felt like when your mom lets you sleep in on a school day. I for one was ready to go home and rest. But don't despair... I get to go back all month and spend a lot more time there as we strike the set... pack up the portal, reset the original lighting, and bin all the now useless props. Don't lament for me just yet. And don't worry... I'll have photos of the whole thing. Time lapse too? Maybe. Geez, pushy.

...and what a party it was.
Mirror mirror...
Just working out some new dance steps.
As ever, I promise "more to come". Maybe even the briefest peek at a little footage? You'll just have to check back in. We do thank you for reading... come again soon.

-Luke (D.P.)

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