Thursday, January 27, 2011

Space for rent

It's official... the laboratory at the William Marshall School of Temporal Science at Miskatonic University is now closed. The computers have been packed up, the power cells discharged, the mice freed, and the Event Chamber has been permanently dismantled. All that remains in the cold and damp, grey concrete warehouse, is a massive triangle scar... the footprint of a metal behemoth we filmmakers called our friend.

Below is a tribute video to the Event Chamber...

The footprint of a giant.
The set is emptying out now. All of the props have been moved out or destroyed. Our lab has reverted back to it's former warehouse state of being. There is almost no resemblance now to what it was just a week prior. The painted grey walls and a pile of extension cords are the only indentifiers. This set was never "like home", but I know a few of us had spent more time here, than in our actual homes during the course of shooting.

The Chamber in a beauty pose.
We're moving on to the next phase of the film. In fact, we're currently location scouting. We're out of the lab and out in the real world all on our own! We'll be filming exteriors, interiors, day... night... all that stuff. This blog will have a totally different look from here on in. But that's not to say we aren't without a few surprises. Ahh! Suspense! You'll be coming back, I can tell.

This is POST-destruction clean up... still looks amazing.
Original design in stunning cardboard and packing tape.
Lyle London of Art In Metal
Matt Scheick of Art In Metal
But seriously, I wanted to post this blog to give the Event Chamber, the Portal, the robots, and the lab a proper send off. It's been amazing shooting in there. We've been very fortunate, and the footage is looking incredible. A big special thanks to lead builder Matt Scheick, Lyle London, and all the guys at Art In Metal who brought the Event Chamber and Portal to life. We were gob-smacked when we first saw it, and we still are every time we see it.


-Luke (D.P.)

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